Stephanie Tramicheck

Stephanie Tramicheck is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and C-suite advisor who helps Series A and B tech firms create product-market fit and growth engines to propel category leadership and scale.

Her 20-plus year career includes roles as entrepreneur for several lean startups and intrapreneur for tech unicorns Etsy and Pinterest as their first non-US employee.

She is an inspiring mission-driven tech warrior with a love of learning and pragmatic creativity. Her engineering background and market focus give her the rare ability to translate complex technologies into beloved brands and scalable category leaders.

Raised in France, Stephanie was a tech trailblazer in Europe. She drove innovation for Nokia (formerly Alcatel), earned media fame as a craft industry community builder and entrepreneur, and helped Pinterest and Etsy crack international growth.

After moving to San Francisco in 2016, she created Refit Camp, a framework that helps startups reap the benefits of Category Design. More than 30 startups have leveraged Refit Camp, including 20+ early-stage blockchain-based startups which have secured funding and are on a path to category leadership.

Refit Camp is also the basis of a two-year advisory engagement where, as CEO advisor and acting CMO, Stephanie helped Drop Kitchen claim the KitchenOS category leadership position.

Entrepreneurship runs in Stephanie’s family – wife, husband, and an ultra-curious 12-year-old son who’s invariably experimenting with business ideas of his own.