Stephanie Tramicheck

I help Series A and B consumer tech companies accentuate their mission and deploy strategies to grow and scale. Entrepreneur. Mission-Driven CEO Advisor & Team Mentor.

Known for my engineering mindset and my grit, creativity and radical candor.

Alumni @Pinterest, @Etsy, @Nokia

2x Founder. Raised in France, currently living in San Francisco.

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What I do

Advisor and COO/CMO

I make sure CEOs and their companies are optimized for growth.

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  • Product-Market Fit
  • Growth Engine Identification
  • Category Leadership
  • Mission-Driven CEO Advisor & Team Mentor

Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur

I build mission-driven products with beloved brands and highly engaged communities.

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  • Refit Camp
  • Pinterest France
  • Etsy France
  • Detournements de Mode (DDM)
  • Nokia (formerly Alcatel)

My 20-plus year career as a tech startup entrepreneur, unicorn intrapreneur, and advisor to mission-driven CEOs requires a longer biography.


Ben Harris - Drop Kitchen

Ben Harris - CEO, Drop Kitchen

"I value Stephanie’s strategic counsel and refreshing candor. She’s one of a few marketers that truly understand how to cultivate a community of passionate believers in your company. She helped us to quickly build and implement a focused, cross-functional strategy that replaced a “build it and they will come” ethos that too many product companies have."

Matthias Valon - TrustUnion

Matthias Valon - CEO, TrustUnion

"The efficiency of Propulsive’s framework was impressive. After completing the workshop with Stephanie Tramicheck, we had made excellent progress into technical blockchain innovation and identified a stellar strategic position. We are confident in our capability to achieve progress with our MVP and secure VC funding, and we have Propulsive to thank for that."

Don Faul - ATHOS

Don Faul - Chief Executive Officer, ATHOS (Former Head of Operations at Pinterest)

"Ms. Tramicheck’s leadership was critical to Pinterest’s continued success to grow Pinterest’s audience and the delivery of a new and improved French Pinterest experience. She collaborated with headquarter-based product managers to optimize in-country product and market fit successfully positioning the company as a thought leader in the industry based on its newfound international recognition."

Philip Toth – Heymate

Philip Toth – CEO, Heymate

"As a first time entrepreneur, I had a steep learning curve. With Propulsive’s guidance, I started learning faster, making fewer mistakes and became much more efficient at keeping the project on track. We positioned our business to clearly differentiate us from competitors and allow us to craft a clear go-to-market that addressed the key market targets, which led to significantly more traction."

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